Top 5 Publicis Media Content Case Studies of 2017


2018 is coming to and end, time to wrap-up. Here are the most popular PMC case studies of 2017 - great inspiration for creating even more successful content campaigns in the year to come.

Plenty of great content initiatives from all over the network - those that leverage partnerships with word-class publishers (ATTN or Boiler Room), those using on-trend innovation such as VR (Mercedes) and those harnessing the power of UGC and communities (Campofrío). 

To watch the videos - click on the link and enter PMC as  the password.

1. REI and ATTN - Girls in the Outdoors

What: With a mission to bring REI's women initiative to an audience in an authentic way, Spark Foundry partnered with ATTN to create a 90-second social video, and posted on Facebook & Instagram to shine a light on gender inequality and encourage more women to get outdoors. ATTN viewers care deeply about gender equality, especially in the workplace, so REI used this lens as a way to introduce the importance - and surprising benefits - of women being outdoors.

Who: Spark Foundry - US



2. Samsung & Boiler Room - Infinity Sounds

What: Working closely with the Boiler Room broadcast team, PMC Australia developed a world first solution called "Infinity Sounds", the first Boiler Room shot exclusively on a smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy S8. Placing the GS8 at the center of the broadcast was the perfect way to demonstrate how Samsung technology can deliver a live music experience.

Who: Publicis Media Content Australia 


3. Pizza Hut - Hotter Mysteries

What: In 2017, no one in the category truly owned pizza culture. Knowing that Pizza Hut could claim ownership of consumer's intense craving for pizza, Blue 449 created a content platform “Cravable Culture” to serve the brand's new “nerdy chic” female audience and truly differentiate the brand from the competition.

Defined by anticipatory cultural moments and internet-fueled togetherness, "Cravable Culture", distinctly focused on highly social cultural moments across all media, allowing for immersive behaviors in video and digital.  Blue 449 partnered with trending cultural icons that reached this new target, such as Buzzfeed, Popsugar, and The Onion, among others, and elevated linear partner work with ABC, Viacom and NBC to include custom integrations that drove engagement and ordering, while building a new culture for the brand.

Who: Blue449 US


4. Mercedes - AMG VRace

What: A few months ago, PMC Spain and Mercedes launched the New Mercedes AMG VRace. While planning this new camaign, a key question arose: how can we make consumers experience all the power and the sensations of this new amazing sports car, taking into account that high speed driving inside Madrid - and cities - is strongly prohibited?  

The answer: pioneering an innovative concept of virtual reality, in which a group of lucky fans of technology and sportiness could live the most real VR experience of their lives. They experienced the sensations and emotions of sports car driving on board of the new A45 AMG in the Jarama racetrack whilst simulating the streets of Madrid through VR technology.

Who: Publicis Media Content Spain


5. Campofrío - Spain in a Day

What: This is one of the most ambitious audio visual projects ever activated in Spain. PMC Spain brought to life the positioning of the brand “Let nothing and no one stand in your way of enjoying life” in the first ever collaborative documentary film in Spain and produced by Ridley Scott, with the soundtrack of the rewarded music director Alberto Iglesias but created by the consumers.

Who: Publicis Media Content Spain