Strongbow Dark Fruit: harnessing fan power

How Spark Foundry engaged the power of the Strongbow Dark Fruit fanbase

Nostalgia can be a powerful tool for a brand. But it can also indicate that your cultural relevance might have diminished among your target audience.

This was an issue faced by UK cider brand Strongbow. After years of market dominance, their core demographic of 25-44 year-olds had simply… grown up.

However, this wasn’t the case across the board – Strongbow Dark Fruit has proved something of a cult hit among young UK adults. Dark Fruit appreciation societies have sprung up all over social media, and the fans are fiercely loyal to Strongbow over all other cider brands.

For Spark Foundry, the idea was simple: harness the power of these fans and allow them to control the campaign narrative. After securing a partnership with social behemoth LADbible, Spark scoured the nation for the biggest Strongbow Dark Fruit fans – those who had expressed their love in the most imaginative ways.

One made Strongbow Dark Fruit into ice cream. One had a range of Strongbow Dark Fruit cakes. Two sported matching Strongbow Dark Fruit can tattoos on their thighs.

And as well as putting the spotlight on these fans, Spark helped them create something even more special. A Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream truck toured the UK’s largest summer music festivals. And a pop-up tattoo parlour opened in East London, where hundreds of budding fans registered for the opportunity to show off their love for this unique brand of cider. Permanently.

While more content is scheduled for the remainder of the year – so keep your eyes on LADbible – you can watch a quick video of the campaign to date below.