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Will 2019 be the year for video-only content? As IGTV attempts to reach more users through Instagram Stories, TikTok continues to grow rapidly in the US and the co-founder of Vine gears up to release Byte in the spring, next year it will be an interesting year for content.

TikTok Surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube in Downloads Last Month

Beijing-based ByteDance’s 2017 acquisition of tween and teen-focused social app is paying off. The company this year merged with its own short video app TikTok as a means of entering the U.S. market. Today, the result of that merger is sitting at the top of the U.S. App Store, ahead of Facebook. More importantly, it recently surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in monthly installs for the first time in September.

According to data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, TikTok’s installs were higher than those of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in the U.S. last month.

So what?

The success of TikTok in the US surely means it's only a matter of time before it reaches similar teen audiences in the UK. As Snapchat continues to lose younger users it'll be interesting to see if they flock to TikTok instead. Similarly, we have seen news that the Vine co-founder plans to launch a similar app, Byte, in Spring 2019 - whether this will be the UK's version of TikTok or a rival we shall see. Nonetheless, brands should keep an eye on both apps particularly those with a teen audience.

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Instagram Now Allows You To Share IGTV Content In Stories, Starts Testing ‘Promoted Stories’

Facebook really believes that Stories is the social sharing format of the future. Apart from constantly developing its own Facebook Stories, adding new features all the time, it’s really going full throttle with Instagram Stories. It’s clear that video – a high-demand medium – will help Stories go much further. Therefore, Instagram is now adding a new way to share IGTV content in Stories.

So what?

IGTV still faces an identity crisis as it wonders what exactly it is and why people need it, however by sharing through Stories, high quality content has the opportunity to reach a wide audience who may not use IGTV yet. Brands now have the ability to reach wider audiences by having users or influencers sharing IGTV content which could lead to a higher quality of Story content as IGTV videos tend to be a little more polished than those found on Stories.

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Snapchat Displayed Polling Locations in its Snap Map on Election Day

In preparation for the US midterm elections on November 6th, Snapchat is now adding election-themed lenses and filters that will guide voters to their polling locations through its Snap Map on Election Day. According to Engadget, the filters will dress up your Bitmoji in a special costume on your Snap Map.

The feature is part of Snapchat’s continued effort to encourage young voters to go to the polls. In September, the app displayed a link to a voter registration page on the profile of every user over 18, resulting in over 400,000 users registering to vote in two weeks.

So what?

In previous years brands were told to not have an opinion or get involved with politics if they didn't want to divide audiences. However with more young people using social platforms for political news and taking an interest in the economical climate, it was only fitting that Snapchat used their presence for good. Not only did the new feature enhance their brand image but showed a more relatable and caring side to audiences outside of the platform.

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