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24 - 29 october 2018

Facebook introduces Candidate Info ahead of the US elections, Twitter creates new features to encourage positive conversations, and Snapchat sees daily active users and growth decrease in Q3.

Snapchat Loses 2M More Users in Q3 As Shares Sink to New Low

Snapchat continued to shrink in Q3 2018 but its business is steadily improving. Snapchat’s daily active user count dropped again, this time by 1 percent to 186 million, down from 188M and a negative 1.5 percent growth rate in Q2. User count is still up 5 percent year-over-year, though. Snapchat earned $298 million in revenue with an EPS loss of $0.12, beating Wall Street’s expectations of $283 million in revenue and EPS loss of $0.14, plus a loss of a half a million users.

So what?

With constant new features appearing on Instagram and Facebook it's not surprising to see users move from Snapchat to to alternative platforms that offer more within a single app. Snapchat has tried to fight back with augmented reality games and filters, however the two social media giants, Facebook and Instagram have already began replicating such features so it remains to be seen if they can get out of the cycle of playing catch-up.

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Twitter Tests New Profile Features

Twitter is testing new features designed to enhance conversations on the platform, including presence indicators, which are status indicators to help you describe what you’re doing while you tweet, and “ice breakers,” which are designed to help spur more discussions.

So what?

The new design and features are a new way to promote more positive discussions on the platform and reduce the amount of hate, spam and fake news. It's promising to see Twitter make changes to align with user demands and differentiate from visual social media platforms, moving towards creating a conversational online community. It's a great opportunity for brands to be part of conversations which may have previously been found in private Facebook groups.

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Facebook Launches Candidate Info Where Politicians Pitch on Camera

Facebook wants to make YouTube-style monologue videos the new way for politicians to talk straight with their constituency. Today, Facebook launches Candidate Info, featuring thousands of direct-to-camera vertical videos where federal, state and local candidates introduce themselves and explain their top policy priority, qualifications and biggest goal if they win office.

So what?

As Facebook has become entwined in people's lives for news as well as social interactions, it is unsurprising that political campaigns have reached the platform in a major way. Candidate Info enables information to reach a younger demographic and those using Facebook more so than the news or traditional media. For brands, acting with caution is recommended as 58% of consumers dislike marketers taking political positions. However, it can also help build a fan base and show a more relatable personal brand and it will be interesting to see which brands - if any - do get involved.

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