Social Media Weekly

16 OCTOBER - 23 OCTOBER 2018

Facebook continues to clean up the newsfeed by removing poor quality content and finally releases the 'unsend' feature to build trust among users. Alternatively, Snapchat focuses on its AI fun features with Snapchat filters for cats.

Facebook News Feed Now Downranks Sites with Stolen Content

Facebook is demoting trashy news publishers and other websites that illicitly scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no modification. Today it exclusively told TechCrunch that it will show links less prominently in the News Feed if they have a combination of this new signal about content authenticity along with either click bait headlines or landing pages overflowing with low-quality ads. The move comes after Facebook’s surveys and in-person interviews discovered that users hate scraped content.

So what?

By creating a more transparent and trustworthy platform, Facebook are able to enhance the user-experience while benefiting brands and publishers posting original content. It is promising to see Facebook adopt change based on user surveys and interviews to continue future growth after a rocky year.

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Facebook Prototypes Unsend 6 Months After Zuckerberg Retracted Messages

Currently, you can only delete messages from your own inbox — they still remain in the recipients’ inbox. But with this Unsend feature prototype, you’re able to remove a message from both sides of a conversation. However, the code indicates that in the current prototype there’s a “time limit”. That may mean users would only have a certain amount of time after they send a message to unsend it. That would essentially be an editing window in which users could take back what they said.

So what?

The unsend feature is already available on WhatsApp and is similar to Snapchat’s messages that self-destruct. Both enable free-flowing conversation among users who know they have a chance to delete something if they make a mistake, though the feature should be approached with caution by brands as some users may question their motivation behind removing communications, even in genuine instances where it’s just due to a typo.

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Snapchat Introduces New Filters For Cats

Snapchat has introduced filters specifically for cats, meaning you can now make it look like your pet is wearing glasses. The photo messaging app, known for its extensive collection of photo filters, revealed the newest update in a tweet.

So what?

Snapchat continues to tailor new features and updates to its younger audience in order to compete with Instagram. The opportunity to keep users on the platform by making features for pets is fun however, may be a novelty that a younger audience lose interest in after a few attempts.

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