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09 OCTOBER - 15 OCTOBER 2018

Snapchat reveals new original shows to compete with Facebook Watch and entertain the teen audience, while Instagram is appealing to an older audience with the ability to tap rather than scroll to avoid joint pain and improve user experience.

Facebook Rolls Out 3D Photos That Use AI to Simulate Depth

What if you could peek behind what’s in your photos, like you’re moving your head to see what’s inside a window? That’s the futuristic promise of Facebook 3D photos. After announcing the feature at F8 in May, Facebook is now rolling out 3D photos to add make-believe depth to your iPhone portrait mode shots. Everyone can now view 3D photos and the ability to create them will open to everyone in the coming weeks.

So what?

The update will see Facebook grow as a visual platform and meet the growing needs of users looking for more unique content. The trend for video is continuing however, for brands looking to stay ahead adopting new formats such as the 3D photos will reap the rewards in engagements.

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Instagram Tests Tapping Instead of Scrolling Through Posts

The effortless way you fast forward through Stories could be coming to more of Instagram. Instagram confirms to TechCrunch that it’s testing tap to advance within Explore, and a spokesperson provided this statement: “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.” As for whether this could come to the main feed, an Instagram spokesperson tells Tech Crunch that not something it’s actively thinking about right now.

So what?

Not only will tap to advance, pioneered by Snapchat, eliminate the need for 'tiring' big thumb strokes on your touch screen, it also means users see media full-screen rather than having to fiddle with scrolling the perfect amount to see an entire post. This would create a more relaxing browsing experience leading to users spending more time on the app and in front of full screen ads.

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Snapchat Becomes the Mobile HBO with 12 Daily Scripted Original Shows

On Friday, Snapchat unveiled its fall slate of a dozen “Original” video shows including its first scripted programs from top producers. The Snapchat Originals will appear in Discover, which will soon have a dedicated section for Shows, as well as new permanent Show Profile pages available through Snapchat search where users can sign up for push notifications when each episode is released. Reaction lenses make it easy to post about a Show’s biggest moments. And with new Show Portal lenses, users can stick an augmented reality doorway in their Snaps that they can walk through to explore a scene from the Show and then tap to watch that Show, allowing them to spread virally.

So what?

Snapchat needs reasons for teens to come back every day as it struggles to grow amidst competition from Instagram. The shows not only compete with Facebook Watch, but paid streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It will be interesting to see if the Snapchat audience take to the original shows and how brands can partner for advertising opportunities.

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