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Instagram are testing more new features, including a separate interface for hashtags. They’re also up-ing their Ecommerce game. Meanwhile Facebook launch their dating feature in Colombia, and it could reveal the obscure things Facebook really knows about us!

Instagram may Divide Hashtags from Captions

Geofenced sharing, Quiz stickers, Stories Highlight stickers and a separate interface for adding hashtags to posts are amongst a slew of new features Instagram is now testing. The last one could finally #cure #the #hashtag #madness that’s infected many of Instagram’s 1 billion users, causing them desperately to fill up their captions with tagged words that make the feed tough to read in hopes of scoring a few extra views or followers. 

So what?

Separating hashtags will create a cleaner looking feed whilst enabling our content to remain as discoverable as possible by having the bulk of our hashtags in the caption section compared to a separate comment.

Facebook Dating Launching in Colombia

Starting today with a country-wide test in Colombia of its new Dating feature. It’s centered around an algorithm-powered home screen of 'Suggested romantic matches' based on everything Facebook knows about you that other apps don’t. There’s no swiping and it’s not trying to look cool, but Facebook Dating is familiar and non-threatening enough to feel accessible to Facebook’s broad array of single users.

So what?

By positioning the feature within Facebook, users are greeted with a familiar and accessible interface. Given that matches are determined by data Facebook has collected on a person, it will be interesting to see people's reaction to finding out just what obscure things the platform knows about them.

Instagram Shopping gets Personalized Explore Channel

Instagram Explore is getting a Personalized Shopping Channel of items it thinks you’ll want most. And it’s expanding its Shopping tags for Instagram Stories to all viewers worldwide after a limited test in June, and it’s allowing brands in 46 countries to add the shopping bag icon to Stories that users can click through to buy what they saw.

So what?

Instagram is shifting from a platform of inspiration to a gateway to eCommerce. By embedding the feature within the app itself, it will increase the amount of time users spend in there and the potential for increased time in front of brand messaging.

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