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Instagram are testing a way to tag friends in video posts, Twitter are launching an audio-only broadcast feature, and YouTube launch vertical video ads.

Instagram is Testing Video Tagging

Instagram is testing a way to allow users to tag their friends in their video posts, not just in photos, TechCrunch has learned and the company confirmed. The option works similarly to tagging photos, but instead of pressing the small icon at the bottom left to see the list of tagged names appear over top of the content – something that would be more difficult with videos – the button links to a list of tagged people.

When you tap this button, you’re directed to a new page titled “People in this Video” with all the Instagram users who have either appeared in the video, or who the original poster wants to alert in some way.

So what?

This allows content to be posted without the need for copy to include the people within the video. Initial thoughts are that this will benefit content featuring multiple brands or collaborators such as 'How to' videos.

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Twitter Launches Audio-Only Broadcasting Feature

Twitter is launching a new feature that allows users to create audio-only broadcasts directly from Twitter itself, as well as Periscope. The feature is available from the same interface where you would normally launch live video. It’s currently accessible on the Twitter for iOS app, as well as on Periscope.

So what?

This is a way for Twitter to reorient the purpose of its live-streaming platform toward live podcasting and other audio-first content. This could be an exciting new format for product releases while appealing to would-be broadcasters who aren't yet part of a podcast network.

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YouTube to Launch Vertical Video Ads

YouTube is the third social network to embrace the vertical format, following pioneering Snapchat and then Instagram. So far, YouTube accommodated vertical video using the now-famous black bars which were removed recently.

 So what?

This is an opportunity for content to occupy as much real estate as possible on users' screens and showcase content that feels native to the platform and users' mobile experience. It will be interesting to see if Twitter follows suit.

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