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Facebook Live launches outside of the US and gives Facebook Story users the ability to use links. Whilst Instagram increases security and transparency with new verification features.


Facebook Tests The Ability To Share Links In Stories

In a bid to encourage more users to create Stories on its platform, Facebook is running a test that allows users to share links in Facebook Stories.

Facebook has been trying to make its Stories a success for some time, but they still haven’t caught on as much as their Instagram equivalent. There are currently over 150 million daily users on Stories, and that is a number to take seriously. To boost the feature among brands and publishers, in particular, Facebook is now starting to test the ability for users to share links in their Stories.

So what?

This is a good opportunity for Instagram accounts with less than 10,000 followers who are currently unable to use link option in their stories. However, this may lead to Facebook Stories becoming saturated in links and spammy.

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Facebook Watch video service launches worldwide

Facebook's Watch video-streaming service is rolling out worldwide, just over a year after its US launch. Users will be able to choose from a range of shows - from both established brands and new players - and have the ability to view clips saved from their News Feeds.The firm plans to allow all content creators to feature advertising breaks, so long as they hit certain metrics.

So what?

Facebook Live will allow users to have a two-way conversation with friends, other fans and even the creators themselves. The opportunity to create polls, challenges and quizzes through the Interactivity Platform hold great opportunities for brands to enhance relationships with audiences.

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Instagram Just Added A Verification Request Form And New Security Features. Here's How To Apply

Instagram has announced that users will be able to request verification and use a new "About This Account" feature.

In an official Instagram blog post titled “New Tools to Keep Instagram Safe,” the company announced that it was introducing several new features to increase security, authenticity, and transparency on the popular social media app.

So what?

This new feature will strengthen the trust in the social media platform by allowing users to determine the authenticity of a given account via the app by learning important account details.

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