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21 AUGUST - 28 AUGUST 2018



Facebook bans first app since Cambridge Analytica, myPersonality, and suspends hundreds more

Facebook  announced today that it had banned the app myPersonality for improper data controls and suspended hundreds more. So far this is only the second app to be banned as a result of the company’s large-scale audit begun in March; but as myPersonality hasn’t been active since 2012, and was to all appearances a legitimate academic operation, it’s a bit of a mystery why they bothered.

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Facebook assigns you a fake-news-flagging trustworthiness score

A new way to attack Facebook is to fraudulently report a news story as false in hopes of reducing its visibility, either because someone wants to censor it or just doesn’t agree with it. Sometimes known as “brigading,” a concerted effort by trolls to flag a piece of content can reduce its visibility. Facebook now sends stories reported as false to third-party fact checkers, and these purposefully inaccurate reports can clog the already-overcrowded queues that fact checkers struggle to worth through.

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71K Twitter users block major brands over far-right conspiracy theorist

More than 71,000 Twitter users have started blocking hundreds of major brands, including Nike, Pepsi, Uber and McDonald's, in a boycott aimed at putting pressure on the social platform to permanently ban Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host, according to a report in Adweek. Blocking brands could limit the reach of their promoted tweets and other ads from showing up on users' timelines. Other brands being blocked include Red Bull, Starbucks, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Visa and Capital One.

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6 million users had installed third-party Twitter clients

Twitter  tried to downplay the impact deactivating its legacy APIs would have on its community and the third-party Twitter clients preferred by many power users by saying that “less than 1%” of Twitter developers were using these old APIs. Twitter is correct in its characterization of the size of this developer base, but it’s overlooking millions of third-party app users in the process. According to data from Sensor Tower, six million App Store and Google Play users installed the top five third-party Twitter clients between January 2014 and July 2018.

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Instagram Testing Recommended Posts in Feed

Instagram are testing recommended posts in Feed, a new way to see content you may like on Instagram. The recommendations are based on the people you follow and photos and videos you like. You’ll see recommended posts at the end of your Feed, once you’ve seen everything new from people you follow. When you see the “Recommended For You” message, you’ll have the option to view your past posts or keep scrolling for your recommendations. And, if you’re interested in seeing more from the accounts shown in your recommended posts, just tap on the blue button to follow them.

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Snapchat's New Voice-Activated Lenses Point To A Wild Future For AR Advertising And Commerce

Three years ago, rainbow barfing Lens introduced Snapchat's Lenses in a playful package that ultimately changed the face of social media.

This week, Snapchat launched speech recognition lenses, a feature that will certainly bring hours of engagement for users -- as depicted in Sarah Perez's report on TechCrunch and video below -- but will have deeper implications for the future of socializing and commerce.

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