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07 AUGUST - 13 AUGUST 2018


This week Facebook has made it easier for people to interact with business pages on mobile. The key changes are redesigned pages that will bring forward the most relevant action needed by users such as: making a reservation, booking an appointment, seeing recent photos, upcoming events or offers – depending on the business. There will also be the opportunity for stories to be added to businesses pages allowing users to see more ‘behind the scenes’ content and brand personality. Business pages will become more visible with the new ability to browse the ‘Local’ section in the Facebook app allowing users to find nearby businesses, places most recommended and what events their friends are attending.

These new updates show Facebook implementing their new strategy to go back to being about networking and social enjoyment with both friends and trusted brands.


Facebook Makes It Easier For People To Interact With Business Pages On Mobile

Facebook has made several changes to the way Pages of different local businesses show up on mobile, making them easier to interact with.

There are currently over 1.6 billion people around the world who are connected to small local businesses on its platform, and Facebook is continually working to make it easier for them to do so. This week, Facebook is making several changes to business Pages on mobile that provide a better experience.

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Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people

It’s not just inciting violence, threats and hate speech that will get Facebook to remove posts by you or your least favorite troll. Endangering someone financially, not just physically, or tricking them to earn a profit are now also strictly prohibited.

Facebook today spelled out its policy with more clarity in hopes of establishing a transparent set of rules it can point to when it enforces its policy in the future. That comes after cloudy rules led to waffling decisions and backlash as it dealt with and finally removed four Pages associated with Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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Twitter is killing its Twitter for Mac desktop client

On Friday, Twitter announced that it would abandon its lesser-loved Mac app, directing users to instead. The company declared that it will refocus its efforts on “a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms” rather than continuing development for Twitter for Mac, a message that doesn’t sound great for TweetDeck lovers.

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Instagram lets you send pictures that disappear after one view

Instagram Stories has evolved a lot in two years. Instagram has worked very hard “to bring innovative and exciting features that allow people to express themselves in new ways and connect more deeply with friends.” Music Stickers, for example, Poll Stickers, the Emoji Slider, the Questions Sticker, or even shopping. And while AR is nothing new, Instagram has introduced new ways to discover and use it.

What’s coming in the future? More creativity and self-expression; that’s for sure.

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Snapchat gets $250M investment from Saudi prince for 2.3%

The Stories War has officially killed Snapchat’s growth, leading to its first user count decline ever. In Q2 2018 earnings today, Snapchat’s daily active users number shrank 1.5 percent to 188 million this quarter, down from 191 million and positive 2.9 percent user growth last quarter.

Snapchat did beat earnings expectations with $262.3 million in revenue and a loss of $0.14, while Wall Street estimated an EPS loss of $0.17 with $249.8 million in revenue. Snap’s net loss decreased by 20 percent year-over-year, so it only destroyed $353 million this quarter compared to $385 million last quarter. Snap will have some extra cash to extend its runway despite its still-massive losses, thanks to a $250 million investment from Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Talal in exchange for a 2.3 percent stake in the company.

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