Social Media Weekly #20



Facebook to reportedly develop facial recognition technology to help shops enhance customer service

Facebook reportedly has applied for a patent for a technology that will gauge customer's emotions and brand choice by leveraging their Facebook profiles through crowd-scanning technology. As reported by The Times, Facebook, in its patent application, has mentioned that it wants to provide improved customer service to visiting customers of a brick-and-mortar merchant location. Facebook is further working on facial recognition to allow payment at shop tills.

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Facebook targets pre-teens with dedicated Messenger app

Facebook has introduced its first tailored app designed exclusively for the use of pre-teens as it effectively acknowledges that efforts to prevent people aged under 13 from opening accounts have failed. There are an estimated 20 million users aged 13 or less active on the social networking platform and it is these members Facebook will target with Messenger Kids, a ringfenced network which requires parental approval to activate. It will also ban the use of data for advertising.

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Facebook Launches ‘Did You Know’ Feature As TBH’s Popularity Tanks

In October Facebook bought TBH, one of the most popular apps on the Apple app store at the time. Used mainly by teenagers to give each other anonymous light positive feedback, by answering questions like “Who has the best smile?” TBH is a symbol of what Facebook wants more of. More positivity, more younger users, and more information about its users. “Did You Know” can be found if you go to the questions section of your Facebook profile – the part that lists your interests. Alternatively just click on the “Answer a Question” button in a status update editor. If you don’t like a question, simply go to another. Post the answer. That’s it.



25 million businesses are now on Instagram, so the network is gaining new tools

Businesses will soon be able to get a better idea of where their Instagram efforts are making the most impact. Instagram says that new insights that will show businesses how new followers discovered them, offering data on how many new followers came from the feed, location tags, hashtags or the explore section. The company didn’t detail exactly how the new insights will work, but said the new tool will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.

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Instagram Stories Can Now Be Saved To Your Profile

Stories were born as a type of ephemeral content that required to be seen within 24 hours before disappearing. Now, the platform is letting users archive and pin Stories to their profile page. And there is no limit to how many Stories you can create and save this way. Of course, this is a good move for brands, influencers, and other celebrities. Until now, any budget invested in a Story had a 24-hour window to generate ROI or fulfil any KPI decided by the brand. The change will certainly position Stories as an alternative to simply posting branded content on an Instagram feed. With that said, Stories – unless pinned – will continue to disappear after 24 hours and remain one of the top ephemeral content forms out there. It’s your choice.


Instagram Is Testing Direct As A Standalone App

There was a time when Facebook and Messenger were one and the same. Messenger was just a feature within Facebook. Then, in 2014, they split into two separate apps. Some users complained, but they got used to it. Well, it’s time for them to complain again, as it looks like Instagram and its messaging feature – Direct – are about to split in exactly the same way. In fact, Instagram is already openly testing Direct as a separate, standalone, app. Direct is being tested in six markets – Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay – and when users who are part of the test install it as a standalone app, their Instagram app loses its messaging feature.



Snapchat Releases New Report on the Popularity of the App Among Sports Fans

Snapchat may not be the first platform that comes to mind when you think of sports coverage on social, but the data, which incorporates combined insights from Snapchat and Nielsen, presents a few interesting considerations worth keeping in mind for those trying to connect with sports devotees. First off, according to Snapchat, Snap users are more likely to be sports fans.

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Pinterest Launches A New Chat Extension And Bot, Integrating Itself Into Messenger

There are over 200 million people who use Pinterest each month to search for and find ideas, and they share over 1 million Pins to Facebook Messenger each week. That’s why Pinterest is launching a new Messenger chat extension and bot, to allow Pinners to easily share and collaborate with their friends or family on the messaging platform. The Pinterest chat extension for Messenger which is being rolled out currently, makes it simpler to share Pins and to collaborate on Messenger, as it allows users to do so without ever leaving their conversations on the platform. Also, Pins that are shared from the Pinterest mobile app to Messenger, will directly link to the new chat extension.