M&Ms and LADbible: 'Red Recommends'

In 2017 M&Ms began moving towards an association with streaming due to their strong heritage in Film and TV as well as it being the largest consumption moment within sharing chocolate. The aim was for M&Ms to be enthusiasts in this space, mainly commentating around streaming and boxset behaviors, such as boxset cheating. This year, M&Ms wanted to expand on this campaign, aiming to make the brand feel relevant to young adults and demonstrate that M&Ms can enhance your streaming experience.

Due to the huge amount of streaming choice available now, deciding what to watch is a lengthy and somewhat stressful process, resulting in arguments with partners/ housemates/ sibings. M&Ms wanted to provide a solution to that decision making process. M&Ms created a Facebook Chatbot enabling users to ask M&Ms main character “Red” what to watch. He responds with a boxset/ programme suggestion, tells you where to watch it, gives his opinion, and even recommends his favourites. The chatbot was also integrated into Amazon Alexa, where users could activate Red and ask him what to watch by saying “Hey Red…”

Our challenge was to build awareness of the Facebook Chatbot and Amazon Alexa function amongst 16-34s in a fun and entertaining way. We identified Ladbible as the perfect partner to deliver on this, not only due to their scale to our target audience and high user engagement, but their lighthearted tone also reflects the M&Ms tone of voice.

The partnership consisted of 2 videos, created by Ladbible, to demonstrate different behaviors when it comes to deciding what to watch and how hard this process can actually be. At the end of each video, viewers are encouraged to use the “Hey Red” function on Amazon Alexa. The campaign also included digital display on the Ladbible site to promote the M&Ms Facebook Chatbot.

The core campaign ran for 2 weeks in October, with full length videos running on Facebook and 60 second cutdowns created for Instagram. The videos amounted over 2.5 million views across Facebook and Instagram!

You can watch both the videos here ….