Influencer Marketing Weekly

20 november - 27 november 2018


From Nano Influencers To Instagram Entrepreneurs: 3 Hot Trends In Influencer Marketing

With trends continuously changing and tastemakers affecting purchasing decisions, social media influencers have an incredible impact on how brands advertise and engage audiences. Marketers are seeing the effect influencers are having on brand awareness and sales and investing more of their yearly budget into influencer marketing

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RewardStyle founder Amber Venz Box talks influencer marketing and fashion

Fashion retail is a risky business. Like many sectors, it has been disrupted by the rise of the internet, as consumers increasingly shop on their phones rather than on the high street.

So with fewer people browsing in shops, there’s a question of how best to advertise a new dress or a trendy handbag.

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Demand For Fake Instagram Followers Shot Up 71% This Year

On June 20th, Instagram announced that it crossed a major threshold into 1 billion users. They capitalized on this momentum by launching IGTV, a platform that enables creators and influencers to share long-form video content with their fans.

This move was a direct swipe at YouTube, as Instagram aimed to entice video creators to share their content via IGTV instead. This also suggests more robust opportunities for branded influencer marketing, which is predicted to reach nearly $2.4 Billion in spend by 2019.

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Why businesses need influencer marketing to survive in the future

These young entrepreneurs warn us that businesses who fail to engage with influencers won't survive in a future based on Gen Z audiences, and their thirst for reactive content.

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