Influencer Marketing Weekly

02 octobER - 09 OCTOBER 2018


New York City has an apartment soley for Instagram

Being an Instagram influencer is all about capturing the perfect shot- so a marketing brand has created an Instagram-worthy penthouse apartment to make sure that happens. When Village Marketing, an all-female creative agency, realised that its clients - influencers - were struggling to take picture-perfect photos due to lack of appealing backdrop, the brand came up with the idea.

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Transparency in influencer marketing: Where are we now?

The 2008 UK consumer protection law states that editorial content that has been created for the purpose of promoting a product should be clearly labelled and identifiable to consumers. It is up to each individual brand, agency, and influencer to decide how they ensure the criteria is met – if at all. In recent times, however, a number of social media influencers have been found to have flouted these rules, leading the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to ban a number of insufficiently labelled posts.

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Instagram global partnership manager talks all things influencers and IGTV

Influencer marketing can be a dangerous game, Instagram’s Jackson Williams says the platform is working to remove the ‘grey area’. The influencer. Brands have learned that a level of trepidation is necessary when engaging with one of the newest tools in a marketer’s belt. The industry has fought fiercely over the effectiveness of influencer marketing and whether it is worth the investment and potential fallout that we’ve seen time and time again.

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Love Island influencer stung by ad watchdog for failing to label sponsored content

The Instagram video at the centre of this ASA ruling showed Buckland discussing the eye shadow from cosmetic brand W7 along with a caption which included the words: 'Can't wait to see what you guys create #BucksBeauty'.

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