Influencer Marketing Weekly #30

25 september - 01 october 2018

a snapshot of the most current news, trends and best practices across influencer marketing. 

How To Expand Your Influencer Relationships Beyond One-Off Posts

Influencer marketing has to do with relatability and authenticity, building real relationships with influencers is one of the simplest ways to communicate about a product. Building a genuine relationship starts with an open conversation about the influencer's previous work and why you are interested in working with them specifically.

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A New Metric Is About To Disrupt Influencer Marketing: The Saturation Rate

The industry response will be to begin tracking (as only a few tools do today) the percentage of each influencer's content that is sponsored vs/ organic. Internally, we call it the saturation rate. Once you have that metric, it's a short step to tracking the engagement rate on sponsored content vs. organic content.

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The 75 celebrities and influencers who make the most money per Instagram post, ranked

Influencer marketing is projected to be worth between $5 billion and $10 billion by 2020.

Hopper HQ created an Instagram Rich List of 2018 to highlight the top influencers on the social media app and how much they charge per sponsored post.

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Influencers: Have we reached a tipping point? The Drum and Buzzoole publish report

Influencer marketing has been having a moment recently, however scepticism over follower authenticity and success measurability are some of the issues surrounding the marketing strategy. A new report produced by The Drum in partnership with influencer marketing platform Buzzoole looks at the current state of influencer marketing in the US and the UK.

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