Influencer Marketing Weekly #3


How Universal Orlando’s hands-off approach to influencers is helping it attract Gen Z

This article is an interesting look into how Universal Orlando took a risk by working with Gen Z influencers who were given free rein to create content that would appear more authentic. In order to do this, Universal had to skirt their usual vetting process so that all the content could go live.

They asked 17 influencers - including star Baby Ariel and creator Weston Koury - to create videos about their experiences at Universal Orlando Resort. According to Donna Mirus Bates, the company’s SVP of marketing communication, the 28 videos that were ultimately produced resulted in 40 million impressions for the brand. The program was considered such a success internally that it’s been brought back for a second phase this year.

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Gen Z vs millennial influencers: why the same marketing to both is destined to fail

This articles is a thought-provoking insight in to how Gen Z and millennial influencers are presumably nothing alike. Sara McCorquodale, founder of CORQ, the only independent influencer review data tool, goes into detail of how the two are different and which of the two brands should be approaching to promote their product.

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Think Your Brand Is Too Boring Or Awkward For Influencer Marketing? Think Again!

As brands are increasingly turning to influencer-created content to highlight their products and services, it’s easy to see how certain verticals are particularly well-suited for this type of marketing. 

This article looks into how successful influencer marketing is possible with any type of product whether it be for a finance or health brand as long as the content created is honest, authentic and relatable to the brand’s audience.

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4 Ways to Fight Influencer Fatigue in an Increasingly Wary World

It’s no secret that the influencer industry is booming. Industry revenue was valued at $2 billion in the US in 2017, and it is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2020. And with research showing that 67 percent of marketers believe partnering with social influencers improves their campaigns’ outreach and impact, that increase is likely.

This article delves into the ways of maximising performance with influencers including only using influencers who create authentic content and vetting talent who is already has an interest in the brand.

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