Influencer Marketing Weekly

21 AUGUST - 28 AUGUST 2018


Australia’s ‘Influencer Boycott’ Shows The Growing Pains Of Influencer Marketing

Is the social influencer bubble about to burst? Maybe not, but it's certainly showing some signs of strain, which may come as a surprise to those of us who predicted its inexorable rise.

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Will Fake Social Media Followers Derail the Booming Influencer Marketing Business?

Celebrities, social media stars, and other online personalities have recently taken a hit to their credibility, as millions of their followers have been exposed as fake or bought. This has created a bigger problem for advertisers and consumers, who no longer can trust in high follower numbers as a measure of influence and credibility.

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Infographic: The Evolution Of Influencer marketing

While influencer marketing still seems like a new and exciting endeavour, it's been evolving for more years than it seems. See below an interesting infographic, all the way from the launch of Ecommerce to today’s influencer takeover. 

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Influencer marketing is slowly coming to IGTV despite lack of big hits

Creators and marketers may love Instagram, but they’ve been hesitant to build on Instagram’s 2-month-old longer-form streaming feature, IGTV. However, there’s been early experimentation and a growing marketing tech stack as each side tries to understand what actually works on Instagram’s vertical video platform. 

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"Under the Influence" From fitness guru Alice Liveing to Daisie Smith, meet the Instagram influencers who share fabulous tips

From changing the way we look, to the way we think and even eat — Instagram stars have lots of inspiration to offer us if we're looking to create better, healthier or more fashionable versions of ourselves.

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