Influencer Marketing Weekly 

07 AUGUST - 13 AUGUST 2018


Is Influencer Marketing A Bubble Just Waiting To Burst?

Companies wouldn’t be allocating so much money for influencers if they didn’t see a return on their investment. 90% of the professionals interviewed by Launchmetrics said they consider influencer marketing to be an effective tool to generate brand awareness, while 69% said their campaigns with social media stars helped them to boost sales.

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A Fatal Helicopter Crash Exposes The Complexities – And Risks – Of Influencer Marketing

This past March, a sightseeing helicopter carrying five tourists crashed into the East River of NYC. In the days and weeks that followed, the company came under intense scrutinity. As the public descended on the company’s social media feeds, some of the company’s paid influencers began unspooling a very different and potentially dangerous reality, all in the upbeat argot of a tone-deaf marketing squad…

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How Pharma can unlock The Potential Of Influencer Marketing.

In this digital age, where the patient is increasingly at the centre of our campaigns, influencer marketing feels like a natural next step for healthcare communications.

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People Are Getting Sick Of ‘Repetitive’ Influencer Posts And 49% Want Stricter Rules On Ads.

Almost half (49%) of people would like to see ad regulators enforce stricter rules for sponsored influencer posts while a further 47% are 'fatigued' by repetitive influencer posts on platforms like Instagram, according to research.

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‘Unfun’ Products And Effective Influencer Marketing: It’s All About The Delivery.

An insight into the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing when it comes to promote ‘unfun’ products, products that aren’t visually rich, or fashionable. Glamour isn’t a requirement for success in the social marketing space. It’s all about the influencer’s delivery.

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