Influencer Marketing Weekly 

18 JULY - 24 JULY 2018


Multinational Brands Predict Higher Spend On Influencer Marketing

A majority of global advertisers plan to increase by 65% their spend in influencer marketing in the next 12 months, despite recent controversies over transparency and effectiveness, according to a recent survey.

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WFA chief Stephan Loerke: 'Influencer marketing is becoming a key channel'

What Do Marketers Deem ‘Absolutely Essential’ When Working With Influencers?

Despite Marketers willingness to invest more in influencer marketing, they will only do so where standards on transparency are met. The quality of followers is judged as “absolutely essential” or “very important” by multinational brands.

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‘The Barrier To Entry Is Zero’: Confessions Of A Social Marketing Exec On The Crowded Influencer Marketing Market

Interview of an executive at a social marketing company that sells influencer marketing to advertisers. An interesting insight on the industry, its challenges, its weaknesses.

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The Industry Shifts: Influencer Marketing In The UAE.

The influencer industry grew at such a pace in the region that multiple problems preceded –and demanded – the newly enforced UAE legislation. From issues surrounding inflated pricing and “diva” demands, to concerns about fake followers and lack of accountability, a definite stigma has been circulating around the term “influencer” for quite some time.

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Australian Government Faces Backlash For Spending $700,000 On Influencer Marketing.

Australia’s Federal Government has come under fire for investing more than $700,000 on influencer marketing social media campaigns. The #girlmakeyourmove campaign saw the Health Department pay for hundreds of influencers to post fitness photos on their Instagram, number of them had been previously associated with extreme dieting or sponsored by alcohol companies.

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