Influencer Marketing Weekly #2


New AI technology takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing campaigns

With fake likes and comments flooding tools like Instagram, brands are cautious about selecting the wrong type of influencer, even though influencer marketing drives sales for brands. AI has scaled influencer marketing into a credible media channel. Los Angeles-based Influencer platform Influential has launched its new technology platform, aimed at social brands. Its Social Intelligence technology examines factors such as psychographic and contextual relevancy so that brands can identify their audience, profile and personality on social.

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Many Marketers Plan to Up Their Investment in Influencer Marketing

Majority now see it as a legitimate form of media. More and more brands are looking to invest in influencer marketing as an increasing number of marketers are seeing the value in it. 89% of respondents from the WhoSay ‘Influencer Marketing Insights’ survey believe this form of marketing can positively impact how people feel about a brand. And almost as many consider influencers to be a genuine form of media with an impact that can be measured.

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Micro-Influencers: The Marketing Force Of The Future?

This articles delves into why brands should be focusing their marketing efforts on working with micro influencers and how working with a select group of influencers with a smaller reach can help achieve the best possible ROI for a campaign. Brands and marketers are now focusing on the interaction between influencers and their audiences and that is measured by likes, comments and the ultimate trust followers have in the influencers they are following. Micro-influencers often have very high engagement with their fan-bases and are often over-looked by brands in the social media campaigns they are pursuing.

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8 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Unbelievable Results

It’s safe to say that Influencer marketing has evolved and brands are trying to make sure that they are including Influencer marketing when planning their campaigns and setting budgets. Working with influencers for a brand means that the content produced needs to be authentic and original - this article lists 8 of the most inspirational Influencer marketing campaigns to date with the likes of Coca Cola and ASOS really hitting the mark when it comes to creativity.

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