Influencer Marketing Weekly

26 JUNE - 03 JULY 2018


M&C Saatchi Acquires Two Influencer Agencies and Unveils New Talent Business.

The advertising giant has acquired a majority stake in beauty influencer agency Red Hare Digital, which has more than 40 specialist creators on its books.  M&C has also snapped up its sister consultancy and agency, Grey Whippet, which has run social media campaign for Bodyshop.

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Teens, YouTube and The Rise Of The Micro-Influencers

A recent survey by Google found that a staggering 70% of teenage YouTube audiences are more likely to be influenced by YouTubers than traditional media celebrities. The question is, why do teens prefer YouTubers to their favourite celebrities?

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How Influencers Transcend All The Marketing Disciplines.

This article gives us an insight on how and why influencers are the ultimate marketing machine. “Understanding that influencer marketing is certainly not a one-influencer-fits-all kind of concept, more and more brands are making the move to agencies”

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Marketers Debate Whether Twitter’s New User Policy Will Stop Influencer Fraud.

To prevent spam accounts, Twitter is requiring new users to verify an email address or phone number. “Restricting API access and introducing two-factor authentication for new users is a start, but emails and phone numbers are still relatively easy to manipulate. There’s still significant progress to be made in order to verify that a new or existing account is ‘human.’”

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Why Influencer Marketing is Even More Vital for B2B Marketers.

Research has found that 87% of B2B buyers give more credence to content created by influencers in their industry. B2B influencer partnerships often seek to produce industry-specific educational materials like LinkedIn posts, E-books, live appearances…

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‘Active Participation In Fraud’: Confessions of a Former Influencer.

In this one-off interview Digiday spoke to a former influencer-turned-marketing executive who has been on the front lines of influencer fraud. This is most particularly respective to niche like fashion or beauty.

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