Influencer Marketing Weekly

13 JUNE - 19 JUNE 2018


How Influencer Marketing Needs to Evolve By 2020

Influencer Marketing has been a dominating force in the world of online marketing this past 2 years but if it is going to survive it’s going to need to evolve. Forbes gives us the key challenges for influencer marketing in the future.

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Influencers Overtake traditional Celebrities as Top Choices For Beauty Marketers

A report by Celebrity Intelligence found 84% of marketing specialists considering influencers as their top choice for marketing activities, way ahead of celebrities. 83% have influencers as their number one choice for upcoming projects.

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Fashion Editors or Influencers? Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

Magazine editors have blanched at the rise of digital influencers, but many have grown their own social media presence from hobby to side hustle. “The competition has become more intense and many editors have realized the value in cultivating personal followings”

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How the E-sports Industry Is Joining The ‘Influencer’ Marketing Trend

As the global e-sports audience is projected to reach 380 million this year, brands aim to capitalize on sponsorships and partnerships with social influencers.

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Unilever Pledges Not To Work With Follower-Buying Influencers and Calls on Industry to Follow Suit

Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, will announce at Cannes Lions Festival that Unilever will not work with influencers who buy followers. “Today we are announcing cleat commitments to support and maintain the authenticity and trust of influencer marketing”

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Almost One-Quarter of Budgets Are Wasted Due on Inauthentic Influencer Content

In the era of fake news, a research team has taken a dive into the world of influencer marketing and found that consumers are becoming more skeptical about what they see online. In an industry where influencers themselves can be robots, authenticity has become more and more important.

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