Gillette x FC Barcelona - Precision Play

In 2017, Publicis Media Sport & Entertainment took ownership of managing the sponsorship on behalf of Gillette Global with FC Barcelona.

In the 2 years of managing the sponsorship, PMSE have worked with 14 global Gillette markets in leveraging FC Barcelona IP and assets in various local and worldwide activations. Global assets and rights managed by PMSE include tickets, signed merchandise, player access time, experiential opportunities for Gillette markets and utilisation of all FC Barcelona imagery.

Monthly newsletters are created and distributed to all Gillette markets highlighting rights they have available to use, with lots of activations started off the back of the newsletter.

In the 2017-2018 season alone, over 240 tickets were managed through PMSE, with the hero and Precision Play content featuring five FC Barcelona players achieving 800,000 engagements across Gillette and FC Barcelona’s social channels.

You can see a piece of the Precision Play content below: