Publicis Groupe Facebook Advisory Board (FAB) Minutes

Jeremy Cohen, July 2018

In June 2018, a cross-functional group of Publicis leaders met with Facebook for the bi-annual Facebook Advisory Board summit in New York. The topics discussed were wide-ranging, but overall we learned a great deal about where Facebook’s business is focused in 2018 and beyond. Looking through the lens of content (and slightly beyond), we identified three areas to provide context around: (1) Facebook/Instagram Stories, (2) Facebook Watch and (3) Messenger capabilities.

“Stories”: Feeding into Ephemerality and Interactivity

Facebook Consumer Strategy:

Stories for Business:

“Facebook Watch”: A Destination for Video (Currently US only)

Mission: “Create shared experiences and a sense of belonging through video”

Strategy: Facebook’s intentional shift FROM using video to drive simple, passive viewing TO driving (1) meaningful social interactions and (2) video content that people actively seek out for planned viewing

Key Components:

Advertising Opportunity:

Activating Facebook Messenger

Messenger Audience Insights: 

Messenger for Businesses: 

Tactical Approach: “Brands leverage Facebook’s Platform Development Providers to build a presence on FB Messenger and develop custom experiences”

FB Messenger for Business conversation entry points:

Paid Ad Solutions to Drive Discovery: 

The FAB summit is all encompassing, with content serving as one piece (albeit significant) of the larger puzzle. The three core work streams coming out of the most recent FAB session are centered around: (1) Instagram (Stories + Vertical Video overall), (2) Messenger and (3) continued push for the Platform Pledge of 100% mobile-optimized creative by the end of 2018 (via the MobileWorks program).


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