Six Second Video is a product within PMC’s suite of content creation solutions. Via a video campaign on Facebook, Google preferred, any PM Screen or programmatic buy, we can use existing clients assets to cut down (or create new) and create a 6 second, short form video creative.

The objective of using the product for a brand is to deliver better performing video content, in conjunction with existing video assets.


Agencies aren’t creating for user behaviour of video or creating for the platforms the video sits within. They are expecting that tradition forms and lengths of content will capture an audience.

This is impacting the overall performance of video ads and therefore impacting clients brands, audience and spends in video.

Video now requires different thinking, and where our competitors and creative agencies are still thinking long form content, we are working closely with some of our biggest digital partners (Facebook & Google) to create more short form video content in line with their platform developments.

Why 6 Second Video is important?


There are two ways in which we can execute 6 Second Video:

1. Repurpose – we take existing clients assets and find opportunities where we can cut the creative in to 6 second versions.  We also identify opportunities where we may be able to create static images or GIFs from the same asset, extracting as much value for the client as possible out of the original client asset. 

2. Create New – we can create new 6 second video pieces for clients, including up front strategic creative thinking through to execution.  This can be done in live action or animation.

6 Second Video creation opportunities


PMC – responsible for leading the product development, creative strategy of creating new or cutting down existing clients video and content development.

PMX – responsible for working with PMC on clients current video CPM costs, to find opportunities to include production within the media CPM as a total (media & production) one cost to client.

Client Teams and Digital Planners – responsible for working alongside PMC to sell the product to clients and ensure it is included on media plans as line items where it can deliver against a client’s objectives.


For a standard video cut down, clients are charged on a half day editing suite cost ($3.5k AUD).  This is a bundled together cost including editing hard costs via a production partner and creative strategy and project management via PMC.

Where the project is more complex or a shoot is required to create assets, projects are quote based on the requirements of the brief.